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Joanne is bachelor of arts in fitness economy (DHfPG) upcoming studio manager prime sports willich

bachelor of arts in fitness economy

cardiofitness trainer BSA)

food coach B -Licence (BSA)

funktional fitness trainer

health trainer (BSA)

trainer for sports rehabilitation (BSA)

EMS trainer

Power Plate®  personal trainer (Power Plate® germany )

TEN questions concerning sports – interview with Joanne Doncks, bachelor of arts in fitness economy at Prime Sports in meerbusch – büderich, upcoming studio manager at prime sports lounge willich!

Is there a special event from your childhood related to sports?

Since I was a little kid it has been motivating when I’ve been successful in different kinds of sports and I’ve been able to reach new goals.

What was the reason to do some sports?

Since I was little I’ve been doing different kinds of sports. My leisure time was and still is only sports, with friends at clubs or at work.

What’s your favorite sports and why?

I like all kinds of sports, swimming, badminton, volleyball or other team sport, but my love and my passion is soccer. Soccer has been a part of my life, in my free time and in various clubs. ‘When the ball is at the foot, the world turns simply perfect!

Where do you get your motivation from?

Without sports I’ll get in a bad mood that’s why I don’t need any motivation to do sports. I love to motivate other people and show them how to overcome their limits and to make clear that sports is like air – you simply need it!

What kind of fitness exercises do you like most?

I prefer a mixture of functional exercises and stamina units. Due to the variety I always make it to rout up my pulse and to reach my limits. Even if I train my soccer girls I like to torture them with this varied mixture.

How does your current training schedule look like?

Sport fills my entire leisure. My current schedule is a mixture – soccer training three times a week and functional exercises in order to improve strength and power-stamina. Getting to my limits is a new challenge for me every day.

How do you feed on?

I pay attention to a healthy, well-balanced nutrition. Certainly I can’t absolve from having a sweet tooth.

Three effective tips from you to our readers:

  • Integrate sports and a healthy nutrition in your everyday life!
  • Step on it! Because only those who reach their limits, reach their goals as well!
  • Follow your goals, never give them up and don’t listen to people who claim you can’t make it!

What are your professional and sporting goals in the future?

I’d like to improve more and more – professionally and in sports. There’s no exact goal. When I reach a goal then I use my strong ambition and go for the next one. i´m very proud to be the manager at our new prime sports lounge at willich!

What’s your personal motto?

Happiness – Each single day without a smile is a lost day!