January 29, 2016

STEPHIE P. happy client

“I´d never thought before that it´s so easy to loose weight in such a healthy way“, so stephie p.

stephie p. startet in oktober as a starter of the prime sports biggest winner campaign. at that point she tried a lot kinds of diet, lady fitness gym and metropolitan area studios. since that time without a big success but with a big bounce effect! after her 2nd pregnancy five years ago, her weight is constant.

steffie_p_before_afterstephie p. hasn´t got only a 6 week biggest winner functional fitness training, 3 sessions a week last 1 hour. she also experienced a detailed food coaching through vip coach malte kottmann. her calories a day wouldn´t reduced like a diet, she rather optained a simply food list attuned of her daily life. the insulin bend was focused with the result to understand finally the essential nutrient of metabolic. in her first 6 weeks stephie p. lost 12,8 kg of her weight. the training within the biggest winner group and the intense support of the prime sports trainer team, the compliments, the high motivation and the great energy helped stephie to focus her goal.

to increase her health related quality of life sustainable and healthful.

since november 2015 stephie p. is now a client of prime sports. she trained twice a week session on the power plate with our trainer team and further 1 time in a functinal fitness group circle last 1 hour at prime sports. her nutrition is in balance now in view with her daily life, so stephie could sometimes cheat with sweets and she still got her food overview. the knowledge and the insight of nutrition is totally minded.

with a great success she slimmed 21,8 kg in just 3 month in a complete healthy way and her success still goes on. prime sports is so excited to attend her way.

„the nutrition changeover was quit easy for me, and it´s the first time ever i´ve got a real fun at sports activities,“ told us stephie p. in spring 2016 the rheinische post will report again in an article of all our biggest winners.

prime sports say chapeau and thank you  so much dear stephie p. for your honesty and for the private picture.