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Sandra is the personality for public relation and marketing

@prime sports meerbusch & düsseldorf & willich

freelancer photographer, campaigne management, print media mainentance, public relation, marketing

webdesign, layout, & programming this website

state- qualified nurse (Int./Anästh.)

Sandra Kottmann LÓreal fibralogy TV commercial face 2015 – big thanks to Prime Sports for „my shape“ and this as a mother third over!

it was a fantastic film shooting for LÓral fibralogy TV commercial with Heike Makatsch and a great & sensationally crew, i´m really thankful for that impression! 

TEN questions concerning sports and fitness – interview with Sandra Kottmann, PR & Marketing at Prime Sports Personal Training Lounge

Is there a special event from your childhood related to sports?

Yes, at the sweet age of four I started with classical ballet. I had training two times a week and my dream was to become a ballerina.

What was the reason to do some sports?

This is an easy question – because of my husband Malte Kottmann. He is a bundle of energy and sports is his greatest passion.

What’s your favorite sports and why?

I love skiing. Mountains have always been fascinating to me and the feeling of speed, to ski, to feel the adrenaline at the same time and to be in the middle of nature, this altogether is the reason for that.

Where do you get your motivation from?

I get my motivation from my mirror and also through music, because feeling comfortable and aesthetic are factors that are very important for me. Listening to music that I love and turning up the volume, this really spurs me on.

What kind of fitness exercises do you like most?

I very much like functional training. My personal trainers at prime sports likes to practice countermove exercises with me. Balance exercises while standing on one leg are also very effective and are good for the muscles.

How does your current training schedule look like?

Half-an hour training two times a week. Additionally personal training and EMS-Training by xbody. That’s good to clear my mind from my work at the PR & Marketing field and simultaneously it brings me some new ideas.

How do you feed on?

I eat very well-balanced and a healthy nutrition is very important for me. Most of the time I have cereals for breakfast, at lunch I always have a fresh cooked and varied meal, in between a small snack (fruits preferred) and really very seldom some sweets. In the evening I have no-carb food – one of my favorites is grilled eggs with avocado which is so delicious.

Three effective tips from you to our readers:

  • Feed moderately and don’t nibble permanently without being hungry!
  • Go outdoors into nature more often, even if you ‘only’ go for a walk!
  •  Come to Prime Sports, enjoy fitness in a way you haven’t known before as well as motivation at its best! I don’t reveal this to you only because I’m in PR & Management at Prime Sports!!! Perfect training guaranteed – there’s no other place that does it better!

What are your professional and sporting goals in the future?

To keep my ‘body after 2 babies’ in shape and to bring our fitness concept to the top together with Prime Sports which is unique in its model in the fitness business. It’s just unbelievable, sensational and it’s lots of fun.

What’s your personal motto?

Perseverance furthers – always and everywhere!