February 9, 2016


Publications at Prime Sports Editorials & Co.

Discover here some details about prime sports and read our published official editorials. Many thanks at this place to all the editors oft the newspapers and magazines for their interesst and the ecxiting work time together, further for the fantastic results, the interviews and the editorials about prime sports personal training lounge.

Prime sports is mentioned as an idol company that takes on trainees of the german school for prevention and health at cologne (DHfPG read here our article), company portrait prime sports at the viewpoint economy, the campaign biggest winner in assistance of our partner „rheinische post“, interviews and awards like the nomination and the jury level of the big price of the middle classes! prime sports at top magazine NEUSS. For furthermore publications, pls check at the german part of this website, presse! All our publishes articles are in german, so we are sorry for that circumstances!

Prime Sports meerbusch opened in spring 2012 located at the moerserstrasse 100a in büderich. In 2014 one more location followed at düsseldorf oberkassel at the hansaallee 105-107. In april 2016 the 3rd Prime Sports Personal Training Lounge opened in willich, wekeln at hülsdonkstrasse 144. Highest quality and a salaried team with a premium fitness knowledge and highest level qualifications and a premium high class fitness, therefor is founder & CEO malte kottmann with prime sports, the personal training lounge who impressed lasting!