January 27, 2016

POWER PLATE® Power Voucher

This Power Plate ®Trial Voucher is the perfect start into Power Plate training!


Since many years Power Plate training is an important feature of the modern fitness training.

With 20 minute sessions reach maximum effects is the motto. With functional excersises and a big range within the training schedule and the topic of vibratory stimulation that trigger muscle contraction, nearly 100% of our whole muscular system, ligaments, tendons and the density of bones rebuilt ideal.

This Power Plate training Voucher contains the initial interview, where we talk detailed about your trainings goal. Further with an anamnesis sheet the healthy and medical parameters are reviewed. A fitness check complete the information which we need for a proficient training with you. Thereafter we start with your first training session.

For the first training session we require 60 minutes. For all further training appointments please calculate 30 minutes. sporty clothes are necessary.

Towels and drinks are available for free at any given training at the prime sports studios!

We wish you great fun with the Power Plate ® Voucher and we look forward exciting sessions!

sincerely your Prime Sports Team!

Power Plate® Training is the body shape secret of Hollywood Stars!