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Training with POWER PLATE ® the stars’ secret!

Bodyforming de Luxe with the all purpose tool Power Plate ®!
You are able to achieve the success in 20 minutes which others won’t achieve in a training of several hours’ duration. Power Plate is to be awarded as fitness equipment of the year multiple times!
A top class vibration exercise tool, because it’s the only one on the market that is able to vibrate three-dimensional. That means up and down, to the front and to the back as well as to the right and left side, simultaneously. This training prepares the way to reach your goal. There are already several customers who achieved enormous success with it at our fitness lounges!

Let your body feel the sensation of this unique training and just try it out – you will be enthusiastic about it!
Instead of time consuming work-outs we make short and effective training units possible by using the Power Plate ® Training with your personal trainer of our prime sports team.

– Weight reduction
– Body shaping
– Improvement of the metabolism
– Increasing of the muscle size
– Improvement of flexibility
– Advancement of blood circulation
– Anti-cellulite
– Increasing the intrinsic muscles
– Loosening tensions

We offer Power Plate ® Training at our fitness centers in Meerbusch-Büderich and Düsseldorf-Oberkassel at the new fitness lounge at Willich Power Plate is not available separately but it´s included if u are a personal training client!

Here you get to know more details about the manufacturer of Power Plate ®.