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Trained perfectly at any age with a personal trainer  1:1 guaranteed!

Every training unit is lead individually with your personal trainer. This is the most effective training method.

Your trainer is exclusively concentrated on you and responds individually to your personal goals. The progress of your fitness is tested regularly. Prime Sports stands for having the highest standard and best quality. Your health and physical fitness is most important for us!

In Personal Training there is functional training most of the time. That means that there’s a lot of training with the own body weight and with small functional fitness equipment, by which more muscles are evidently activated simultaneously than by ordinary weight machines which are found at most fitness centers.

For all daily stresses and strains as well as for all serious sport the functional training is the most effective opportunity for building up strength.

Especially for the specific goals, e. g. the treatment of health problems or the training for a certain kind of serious sport, it makes sense to decide on a personal training 1:1 coaching.

Additionally your goals are reached at this in the shortest time frame. Already several customers and a lot of VIP´s trust in personal training at Prime Sports and lots of impressing results have been achieved so far.

Personal Training can be carried out indoors or outdoors at the Prime Sports Training Lounge in Meerbusch, as well as at Prime Sports in Düsseldorf-Oberkassel, as well at Willich-Wekeln.

One unit lasts about 60 minutes.