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The Inbody Bodyanalyzer is the kings class of body analyzers and now available at Prime Sports!

The perfect health indicator to shape your training more effectiv and to supervise your body completely and holistic. As yet the BMI (body mass index) is used for the determination of adiposity levels. However only height and weight found attention yet, the relation of fat- and muscle- mass are disregarded. So the BMI got just a little force of expression in terms of your personal health risk.

Therefore the Body Impedance Analyze (BIA) got a huge meaning to judge the health and physical fitness. So the fat free- mass index was born (FFMI), this one describe exactly  how much fat and how much fat free mass is in the body of all current persons. Since that time the FFMI is called as new standard in health judgment.

At Prime Sports we could use perfectly the InBody Analyze results to make your health indicators visible for you. The complete relations of fat and underskin fat division in your body will be visible, for the best monitoring of your health & medical & physical fitness status in different ways. We at Prime Sports could handle so much more effective overweight,  short weight, your nutrition, and the rehability after injuries. Based at the advanced InBody technology we support and encourage a healthy lifestyle.

Your Body will thank you!

You could arrange every time an appointment for an analyze at Prime Sports, per phone at the Prime Sports Lounge of your choice Meerbusch, Düsseldorf or Willich, or you just write us an Email to: info@prime-sports.de, all analyze details you´ll then receive from us. We friendly look forward to welcoming you.

You are already a member, so just make an appointment for the analyze directly in our studio with your next sports session. You also could do that in an ABO, so you got a great extra for your healthy way and your sporty progress with the analyze sheet and the detailed evaluation 🙂

Prime Sports offer the InBody Bodyanalyzer at Prime Sports Meerbusch, Prime Sports Düsseldorf & Prime Sports Willich. Appointments by arrangements, further you´ll get informations all you should know about.