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A healthy nutrition, some small details from morning to night.

It is often necessary to change a few details concerning nutrition to reach the optimal result of your goal.

Even if most of you are sure to know everything about a healthy nutrition, we daily reveal some false thesis and so we are able to give you important tips for a suitable nutrition.

An analysis of your nutrition gives information about your metabolism and possible lacking nutritive substances. Through our professional analysis software we find out very fast in which areas optimizations are necessary that you can live on effectively, well-balanced and with pleasure in a healthy way. Of course, we have regard for your opportunities and occupational matters. Only in that way it’s possible to sustain a permanent and sensible dietary change. To let you know exactly what is finally suitable for you, we create an individual diet plan which is specific to you and we reveal the real sensible tips and tricks concerning nutrition, lasting healthy with no jojo-effect!

Healthy eating habits are as important as breathing. You are what you eat – this beautiful saying is not useless! Our bone growth, our efficiency and our health in general, everything depends on a suitable and healthy nutrition. It also takes a big part in the prevention of illnesses.

Deficiency symptoms are due to not paying any attention. Our body doesn’t react and function appropriately. As a result we have too little power, feel tired and often we decrease in vitality and feel listless. Did you know that children who don’t eat a healthy snack in their breaks at school indeed have evidently worse marks in classes than those who eat a healthy snack?

Very early we already learn that a healthy nutrition is important, but many people become easy-going and in the course of time we lose sight of the important nutrition facts. Adults working in offices as well as in physical exhausting occupations need a healthy nutrition to keep body and mind in balance and to be able to achieve results.

We at Prime Sports are your professional partner when it comes to the subject ingestion. No matter what your goal is – weight reduction or as a part of health problems – you want to change something and we can tell you how you can achieve it effectively – through a healthy nutrition.

Here is a small foretaste of the subject fibers – our Personal Trainer & Food Coach Malte Kottmann explains.