... behördliche, vorübergehende Studioschließung bundesweit wegen Corona


Through EMS Training you profit more within 20 minutes than through a three-hours gym machine work-out!

A personal trainer is available for you then. The XBODY-Training is joint-friendly and almost manageable for everybody. A light electronic muscle stimulation causes contractions in your muscles and provides an effective whole-body work-out.

EMS meerbusch Training, also at düsseldorf & willich, has become more and more popular since some time. The reason for that is not only the short training period, but also the feeling of the activated muscular system after the training.

There are varied exercises whereas the entire muscular system is to be contracted with stimulation current in a four-second beat. Working contrary to the muscles is a thrilling experience and a challenge in each single training which will make you sweat.

By the way, EMS (Electronic Muscle Stimulation), stimulation current training has been a successful part in the field of sports rehabilitation since about 70 years and therefore it is highly explored and highly developed. Feel the thrilling fascination and experience our EMS training in a competent way during a training.

EMS-Training is offered at our Prime Sports Center in Meerbusch-Büderich and Düsseldorf-Oberkassel and at Willich- Wekeln!

You’ll find further information at XBODY – our equipment partner.