Business Fitness is the spell for a healthy and motivated staff.

Stamina, strength, flexibility and coordination are trained during a 30-minutes training in small groups under the guidance of a competent trainer. On this occasion you will reach your limits with functional training during your lunch break or after working hours. Two units per week are already sufficient. The purpose is to improve your fitness in no time at all and to create a balance to the time in the office. The varied Circuit Training within a group is motivating and means lots of fun. We train functionally with you in these units as well.

Our Business Fitness Concept includes complex exercises according to the standard of performance at optimal care. It’s important that every participant trains with the appropriate intensity and perform the exercises properly. That’s why our perfect qualified trainer stands by the side of the participants permanently.

Interesting for companies: We’d like to cooperate with you and offer you individual concepts and group training – as well as the Circuit Training. Your staff members will be motivated and their team spirit will be strengthened.

Furthermore this kind of an internal health management gives you the perfect opportunities to counteract the demographic change and the hereby involved higher failure ratio of your staff.
Additionally your business is made more attractive for new staff members and you present yourselves in an exemplary position on the market concerning the internal health management.

Please get in touch with us for a personal counseling interview – just dial 0211-91374420.

Only those who feel comfortable and healthy can reach their top performances!

We are quite prepared to visit you at your company for a Business Check Up!

Business Fitness is offered at all Prime Sports Training Lounges.