January 27, 2016


With this personal training Starter Kit you get your own personalized personal training voucher! 



This personal training starter kit is a perfect gift as well. Please note the order field, in favor of whom this personal training starter kit is defined. So you get a personalized voucher at the end.

Become acquainted to prime sports and experience a perfect adapted training to you! Every training session last 60 minutes and will take place 1:1 with your qualified trainer of our prime sports team.

Step by step procedure: buy the personal training starter kit. Afterwards an appointment via phone or e mail to redeem the personal training voucher is needed. For the first training appointment sporty clothes are necessary. After a detailed initial interview and the anamnesis, the fitness check have turn. This contains measures of several vital values as well a sporty part. This first appointment either last 60 minutes.

The prime sports trainer team prepared now your personal training schedule, its perfectly adapted to you, maximum effectiv and truly corresponding your personal goals. Now you fix all your trainings. All the following personal training sessions, each last 60 minutes, will experience you the intensity and the effect of personal training. You´ll be completely thrilled and addicted!

Your prime sports team is glad to welcome you!