February 26, 2016









angehender Bachelor of Arts in Fitnessökonomie

Team Willich



TEN questions cencerning sports and fitness – interview with Marcel Klimas , apprentice, dual study in fitness economy at prime sports.

is there a special event from your childhood related to sports?

a very special moment of my childhood was my first championship match.

what was the reason to do some sports?

i started very early playing soccer and at the age of eleven i changed to a handball team. since that time sport is part of my life.

what´s your favorite sports and why?

i like a lot form of sports, no matter if it´s soccer, swimming, jogging or riding a horse.  Ich mag viele Sportarten, egal ob Fußball, schwimmen, Joggen oder Reiten. Still handball is the sport who i practice as longest and i mostly have the greatest fun ever.

where do you get your motivation from?

i don´t need a big motivation, cause sport is part of my life and without sport i feel really bad. albeit, if i discover my body changes, or people talk to me in the way my body changed into a better form, that´s motivation for me.

what kind of fitness exercises do you like most?

there are no specific exercises i prefer. i like exercises who treat me to my limit.

how does your current training schedule look like?

my current training schedule look like i do 5 times a week alethic sports and 2 times running.

how do you feed on?

i look to it that i nourish myself healthy and varied. however i would lie, if i would´nt to break out line and eat a yummy pizza 🙂

three effective tips from you to our readers:

  • chase your goal and never give up!
  • let sport be part of your life!
  • don´ t change your personality for other people, just for your own welfare!

what are your professionals and sporting goals in the future?

my professional goal is it to complete my dual study successfully by set new goals afterwards. regarding sport i will establish my old talent and shape and play professional handball matches.

what´s your personal motto?

live your dream!