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upcomming Bachelor of Fitness economy 

Prime Sports Team Willich

Here are ten questions concerning sports & fitness about lea, dual study at prime sports & upcoming bachelor of fitness economy at DHfPG.

1. Is there a special experience from your childhood related to sports?

The sport, at the beginning with my sister and later with friends, showed me early the great community and the cohesion behind every sport.

2. How did you even get into the sport?

Since my family is very athletic, I was virtually born into the sport. 🙂
Early on I started with various sports, such as swimming, dancing, athletics, volleyball, handball, horseback riding and finally fitness training. Every sport has its charm.

3. What is your favorite sport and why?

My favorite sport is fitness training and horse riding.
At the fitness training you can just go to your limits again and again and overcome them. At the horse riding, you can even take a break from everyday life, but full body tension is required here! At the horse riding you master all the successes together with your horse.

4. Where do you get your athletic motivation?

I basically get my athletic motivation from myself, because sport is just good and creates a balance. You can always set new goals and work on them, so that the motivation is never lost. But my friends always motivate me too, because together the sport is even more fun!

5. Which fitness exercises do you like most?

Fitness training requires a healthy mix of functional exercises and endurance training. Nevertheless, my specialty is “belly-legs-butt”, the main thing is effective;)

6. What is your current training schedule?

With my current training plan, variety is important to me. I often use the good weather and put my endurance training outdoors together with my dog. Once or twice a week I go to the riding stable. In the fitness studio, I design my training as effectively as possible and continually face new challenges. The main thing is always growing up to the sport and you keep moving!

7. How do you feed yourself?
I try to respect a healthy and balanced nutrition. Nevertheless, I try to do without anything when I’m hungry for something sweet or greasy. Thanks to the sport and a good metabolism that is also allowed! 😉

8. 3 effective tips from you to our readers?

Keep changing your workout schedule, so you do not lose motivation!

Listen to your body and give it what it’s good for!

Use the sporty community! That’s how you still learn and can get some tips. In the community you are supported & supported by others, furthermore the fun is never lost!

9. Your professional and sporting goals in the future?

My professional goal is first to complete my studies well and learn a lot of new things. From my experience, I set myself new goals again and again.
From a sporting point of view, I always want to keep moving and continue to combine sport with my job.

10. What is your personal motto?
Challenge accepted!  😉