February 8, 2016


GTC of prime sports

general terms of conditions of prime sports

in general

our deliveries and accomplishments are bound to our company conditions.

special offers and orders

offers are reserved by prime sports. the submitted order at this shop,via e-mail or phone by the client is formally binding. for orders, done by minors, the legal liability or the parents part is liable for all risks also for the whole detriment and the compensation if needed. for the order acceptance and the performance is the verbal or written form via phone, e mail or post way binding.

delivery charges

the delivery charges inside germany are free of charge! for all orders to foreign countries costs thereby incurred. they are financed by the order client and communicated before the order is conveyed.

delivery time
your delivery serves immediate, normally most of the products are in inventory. please notice – there is no warranty for the delivery if we have a supply shortage.


the price on the website written are all in EURO.  they include the tax and the delivery charges. the only exception is the delivery to foreign countries. thereby incurred costs for foreign countries are separated and communicate by us before we submit.

payment terms

the delivery of your order takes place after your pay pal payment is done.

the bill amount ensued in € (Euro) to our german account. if you do a payment in other currencies we take an additional charge.  just the named payment method pay pal is obligatory. the client is not allowed to take a cash discount. the product is owned by prime sports as long there are bills outstanding. its remain reserved to deliver products only to the inclusion of the pay pal payment before. also if clients reselling our products to third ones there is no conveyance of property till the product is payed completely.

within 8 days, the time for complaints, binding is the time you receive the order, you have to complaint by letter. for all delivered products is a 2 year legal warranty (§ 439 und §476 BGB). client claims of any kind of idemnification are completly barred out. retributive justice only takes part if the seller deals reckless. the amount for that is limited to the max. amount of the product the client ordered.


daily for 24 hours you could make an order at our homepage.

please notice – the voucher you ordered is normally within 24hours ready to download. you got a high end designed and personalized voucher PDF file to download by yourself – so don´t forget the name at your order that we could place it just in time.

general terms of conditions of prime sports say thank you for your patience.

this GTC are binding  – Prime Sports 2016