January 27, 2016

FOOD COACHING Voucher with DNA evaluation

With this food coaching Voucher included a DNA analyses you´ll get all the important informations for your individual best nutrition!

„you are what you eat…“ and your genetic code tell us what you deserve most of all!

A DNA Analyses give us a perfect information how you metabolise individual supplies. Further we get through the DNA Analyses informations about the composition of your muscle fiber (BR: fibre) and what kind of trainings stimulation your muscular system especially need for an ideal fat burning.

Afterwards you´ll get an online login to the great, individual and personalized to the customer, recipe selection at our partner portal of MetaCheck©.

The procedure of the food coaching voucher: Buy the voucher and make an appointment for the DNA assay removal. This happened with a special DNA saliva test of your mouth mucosa MetaCheck®. The assay will send to a specific laboratory and two weeks later we´ll get the evaluation. In a second appointment we jointly detailed talk of the evaluation and we prepare your first nutrition protocol.

Afterwards 4 more weeks there´s a 3rd appointment where we detailed talked about your new lasting nutrition protocol and we jointly look through the online portal recipe selection.

The DNA assay last a lifetime, since the DNA of each person never changed!

If you now know what your genetic code will tell you in detail and with which nutrition and supplies to keep your weight or lose weight works as it´s best: Buy the food coaching voucher, make an appointment via phone or email, and start now!

An ecxiting analyses expected to you and we optimize your nutrition lasting for your daily and routine life!