March 4, 2017


certificated bachelor of arts in fitness economy (DHfPG)

team prime sports meerbusch

Here are ten exciting fitness interview questions to florian meier, upcoming bachelor of arts in fitness economy, appreciate in dual study (DHfPG) at team prime sports meerbusch.

Is there a special event form your childhood related to sports?

In my childhood everything was about the orange leather right from the start, but the best experience was the rise with my basketball team into the Youthbasketball-Bundesliga and the award to the MVP.

What was the reason to do some sports?

Because of my sister. She was my great role model and when I saw what she did with the basketball, I wanted to imitate that directly and of course, surpass it 😉

What´s your favorite sports and why?

Clearly basketball! The speed and intensity of the sport convinced me. The disembodied sport demands not only physically but also psychically a lot, so I could bring in my competition ambition perfectly.

Where do you get your motivation from?

By trying to get a bit closer to my athletic role models and to make the best sportsman I can only be.

What kind of fitness exercises do you like most?

I don’t have a favorite exercise. In general everything that is exhausting for my body!

How does your current training schedule look like?

At the moment, I’m still in the midst of my basketball season, which means almost daily basketball training paired with running units and many hours in the gym!

How do you feed on?

I try to eat very low carb. Over the day there are lots of fruits and vegetables as well as various salad variations with fish and meat! Sure, sometimes also a walk in a Sushi restaurant as well;-)

Three effective tips from you to our readers:

  • Exercising is like swimming against the stream: stagnation means steps back!
  • Strength your strengths, weak your weakness!
  • Focus on your goal, it doesn’t matter when you reach it, only that you reach it!

What are your professional and sporting goals in future?

My first goal will be to successfully complete my studies and of course to help people with my knowledge and passion to realize their own goals!

What´s your personal motto?

The reason most people give up is because they tend to look at how far they still have to go, instead of how far they have come!