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Welcome at your Fitness Lounge Meerbusch PRIME SPORTS! You’ll find us:

by public transport:
A regular train service from the directions Düsseldorf and Krefeld through Brüderich, to reach the Prime Sports Training Lounge, is available. Please take the exit ‘Forsthaus’ in Brüderich and go from there 200 m into the direction of the city center. You find the Prime Sports Training Lounge on the right side.
There’s a bus stop very close to it as well.

by car: Meerbusch – Brüderich

When you drive in the direction Brüderich, about 400 m after the city limits sign, you reach the Meerbusch Arcades, a large shop building. There in the ground floor (Am: first floor), between the bakery Kamps and the LBS office, you find us, Prime Sports Meerbusch.

from the direction Brüderich Centre:
Please drive in the direction Osterath. About 200 m before you reach the underground stop ‘Forsthaus’ you find us on the left side of the street – in the Meerbusch Arcades. There in the ground floor (Am: first floor) , between the bakery Kamps and the LBS office, you find the Prime Sports Training Lounge. Parking places are directly in front of the building at the curb or behind the building in the residential area.


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Lifestyle & Beauty | Quality of Life | Fitness Lounge Meerbusch Prime Sports 

Meerbusch is a small but nice town at the river Rhine. It has a well-kept image and because of the many forests and fields Meerbusch is called ‘Town in the Green’. Lots of inhabitants of Düsseldorf or other cities located nearby appreciate it very much to live in Meerbusch, in the middle of natur.

There’s the same motto in Meerbusch as in Düsseldorf: ‘See and be seen!’ Lifestyle and trends of Düsseldorf are reflected in Meerbusch. A lot of people pay attention to a well balanced and healthy nutrition, to their appearances and, of course, to their fitness, beauty and health.

The inhabitants of Meerbusch appreciate delicious food, that’s why you can find international gastronomy there. You find excellent Gault-Millau awarded fancy restaurants and the high-class star awarded cuisine in our town as well as the small food trucks and the comfortable street cafés.

There are not only the culinary delicacies that are paid attention to, but also the beauty and fitness of the people. Especially sports is very important in Meerbusch. Every one in five is an active member of a sports club. There are – districts included – 50 sports club altogether. The classics are golf, soccer, swimming, gymnastics and tennis.

Fitness is an awareness of life and not a pastime for boredom!

According to a study, Meerbusch is the town in Germany where the least overweight children live. This emphasizes the sportive aspect of this small town considerably.
Nature invites you to a perfect ‘work out’!

Even more than in Düsseldorf it’s possible to do leisure-time sports in nature. There are various paths in the forests and fields which are perfect for jogging, nordic walking or walking. There are also lots of cycle tracks and footpaths leading to Düsseldorf and its surroundings which are tempting for a great excursion into the country. On the weekends there’s always a lively atmosphere.

The balance for a busy workday is to explore the idyllic Niederrhein area under the guidance of a personal trainer who shoos you through the woods – over hedge and ditch. You live your lifestyle and you are glad to have for sports a 1 : 1 guidance. Self-discipline is considered essential and the personal trainer will always be there if you feel weak.

In addition to that there are so called ‘Outdoor Boot Camps’ offered by Prime Sports Meerbusch. These strengthen the friendly team spirit and you easily surpass your performance. Please call if you interesting in the next time bootcamp, or check the latest news here at our website main menu site.
Sensational events take place throughout the year. There’s something there for everyone, e. g. the annual Sunflower Sunday, the riflemen’s meeting at Whitsun or the Winter Wonderland around Christmas time.

Please visit Meerbusch – the idyllic and charming atmosphere of this small town will cast a spell on you.

Reach your goals at last, without any ‘magic’, because your fitness lounge meerbusch Prime Sports Team is the perfect and strong partner on your way!