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Welcome at your Fitness Lounge Düsseldorf, PRIME SPORTS DÜSSELDORF! You’ll find us

by public transport:
A regular train service from the directions Düsseldorf (U74, U 76, U 77) and Krefeld (U76) to Oberkassel, to reach the Prime Sports Training Lounge, is available. Please take the exit ‘Prinzenallee’ in Oberkassel. From there you can already spot the bakery Oehme which is in front of our Training Lounge.

The bus 805 stops right before the Training Lounge as well.

by car:

Via A 52: Exit direction Düsseldorf Heerdt:
Please turn left to Heerdter Landstraße. Drive straight on for about 1 km, pass the Dominikus Hospital and turn left to Heerdter Lohweg. After about 800 m turn right to Hansaallee and follow the road. About 500 m further you find our studio on the right side of the street.

Via B 7: Exit direction D-Oberkassel/ D-Lörick/Seestern
Please use the exit mentioned above and drive straight on. After about 1.5 km turn right to Hansaallee. Follow the road for about 200 m and you can spot the bakery Oehme on the right side – our Prime Sports Fitness Lounge Düsseldorf is right behind the building.
Parking places are available on the curb of Hansaallee or on a parking lot next to the bakery Oehme in front of our studio.


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Fitness Lounge Düsseldorf PRIME SPORTS | Beauty |  Lifestyle & Trends

Düsseldorf is the capital of Nordrhein-Westfalen and with a population of 598.696 the second largest city in NRW. The city is located near the river Rhine and offers lots of possibilities to spend a fantastic day, a comfortable break or a wonderful evening. Düsseldorf offers countless restaurants and bistros for delicate dining in the old town as well as at the Medienhafen.
The Medienhafen not only offers a high-quality gastronomy but also a brilliant architecture created by German and international architects. In the meantime, the Medienhafen is known worldwide, a sightseeing ‘a must have seen’ for every tourist who visits Düsseldorf. It is a cosmopolitan and at the same time a scene meeting for artists, gourmets and everybody.
Furthermore, Düsseldorf is known for its high-class what you can experience in the image of the city – clean streets, high-class architecture, well-kept public parks and stylish trends wherever you look. The Königsallee, short-term ‘KÖ’, belongs to the most popular shopping and amusement mile. It is mentioned in one breath when you describe the city of Düsseldorf. So to say, it’s ‘the trademark’ of Düsseldorf. In this ‘Stroll Boulevard’ there’s the motto: ‘See and be seen!’ Also for gourmets and connoisseurs this mile is a comfortable place to relax and to let your spirits flow. Besides all the beautiful stores and luxuary labels, the culinary and sometimes even puristic restaurants, the KÖ offers you lovely, small street cafés and a channel where you can enjoy your lunch on a park bench or where you can read a book at peace.

Fitness, Lifestyle, Fashion & Beauty, as well as Health – are considered essential in Düsseldorf! And at your fitness lounge düsseldorf Prime Sports Düsseldorf these are still much more essential!!!

The city offers countless possibilities for this sectors so that there’s something for everybody.
Düsseldorf is according to the Hamburg World Economics Institute (HWWI) in the 7th place out of 15 German sports cities. Mass sports take place at 369 clubs with 112.000 members. There are 36 high-performance sport clubs which are all at least in the regional league. Especially popular is the soccer club Fortuna Düsseldorf and the ice hockey club Düsseldorf EG.
There was even founded a sports agency which organizes and commercializes sports events with the motto ‘Sports City Düsseldorf’. For the 2008 Olympic Games in Peking Düsseldorf put together a team that won 4 medals. In addition to that, the city offers a huge spectrum of different kinds of sport, e. g. American Football, golf and tennis. Fitness emphasizes the sport spirit of its inhabitants. To be lazy is not allowed!
From spring on various sports events are offered every year. Most of the time, the Metro-Group Marathon takes place in April. In the year 2014 there were once again over 14.000 participants from 76 nations. In July the triathlon takes place. Everybody who can ride a bike, can swim and jog can take part in it. The well-known ATP tennis tournament took place in Düsseldorf this year as well.
For all those who find this a little too much and prefer to do some sports alone and outdoors, or under guidance of a personal trainer, the river Rhine provides a great variety for stamina- and power training. A walking tour around the Stadtpark and a short workout at the Rhine beach is a good start into the day or a successful ending for the day.

Visit Düsseldorf and go and see for yourself – the indescribable flair of this city! There’s something for everyone – guaranteed!
Prime Sports Düsseldorf is your competent fitness partner at Prinzenpark & Partner of the Standort Initiative at Seestern.
‘We are very happy about the great infrastructure of our city, the city Düsseldorf!’