January 27, 2016

EMS TRAINING Power Voucher

With this EMS Voucher you could make yourself happy or even a beloved person of you to trial our EMS training noncommital!

Afterwards 4 sessions EMS training you´ll get a great impression how the training works and if you´ll like it. EMS training is time-saving and high-effectiv.

With your trainer and maximal 1 more person we are able to focus fully of your personality and your health & sporty goals. The impulse reaches exact your depths muscular system, that´s why this training is absolutely essential to solve back ache and lease joint pain.

The one and only direct contraindication is a pacemaker. In this case please contact us for discuss alternative training proposals.

Here is the procedure: Just buy the EMS Voucher, afterwards make an appointment via e mail or phone at our prime sports lounges to redeem the voucher.

The first appointment last 1 hour. We start with an ambitional internal interview and an anamnesis, with a fitness check up and the first training session. Then all further appointments will be fixed. Every of this sessions last  30 minutes, 20 minutes thereof are pure training time.

Perfect are 2 trainings for each week. Except a 1 till 2 day break should be between, to grant your body  enough time for regeneration.

Enjoy the EMS Power Voucher at prime sports. Our team is really pleased of thrilled trainings!

We train with the FIBO Innovation Award Winner EMS equipment by xBody at the highest stage!