January 27, 2016









Malte is bachelor of arts in fitness economy (DHfPG)

founder & CEO of Prime Sports


bachelor of arts in fitness economy (Deutsche Hochschule für Prävention und Gesundheitsmanagement)

fitness trainer A-Licence (BSA)

athletic trainer soccer A-Licence (Sportlerei Akademie / Studiengang ZFU)

master for fitness (BSA)

health trainer (BSA)

trainer for sports rehabilitation (BSA)

cardio trainer B-Licence (BSA)

high performance sports bodytrainer (BSA)

food coach B-Licence

polar own-zone guide (POLAR® germany )

Power Plate® personal trainer (Power Plate® germany)

spinning instructor (Start-Trec Jonny-G.)

powerbar TNS-instructor

qualifikation level: 6 (EQF-certification)

EMS trainer & instructor


TEN questions concerning sports and fitness – interview with Malte Kottmann, founder and ceo of Prime Sports

Is there a special event from your childhood related to sports?

My childhood was mainly dominated by sports and fitness. I knew very early that I would be looking for a job in the fitness business.

What was the reason to do some sports?

My parents supported sports during my childhood very much, so I almost tried all kinds of sports and some of them I practiced very intensively. In my memories and imagination there is absolutely no life without sports.

What’s your favorite sports and why?

Meanwhile the varied fitness training. I always need new attractions and challenges which have a very positive effect on my body due to the fitness training.

Where do you get your motivation from?

It seems it has been ‘on board’ since I was born. Apart from that, like almost all men, I can’t cope with losing and I must be better than others.

What kind of fitness exercises do you like most?

Concerning separate exercises it’s not important which ones I especially like, but which ones are the most effective ones. So I would answer this question generally with ‘functional power exercises’.

How does your current training schedule look like?

Besides the daily training with my customers I do ‘Core-Training’ what means musculature of trunk training in varied forms. Now you also know Malte Kottmann’s ultimate training tip.

How do you feed on?

Because of my sports activities my metabolism works very well, so ‘Thank God’ I can indulge in ‘small sins’ from time to time. Generally I pay attention to a nutrition rich in protein and I avoid carbohydrates in the evenings.

Three effective tips from you to our readers:

  • Don’t try to cheat yourself! (concerning training and nutrition)
  • Overcome your own nature and spare no hard work!
  • To move, to move! The average person walks 400 m a day!!!

What are your professional and sporting goals in the future?

My professional goals are permanently very high. As I’ve mentioned, I need challenges. I’d like to lead my fitness centers also successfully in the future, to establish a unique fitness concept on the market and to develop some other fitness equipment. Concerning sports -everything can stay as it actually is. Unfortunately there’s not enough time left for more.

What’s your personal motto?

It’s wonderful to have goals and wishes, but what really counts is to realize them!