February 26, 2016

ANDI S. happy client



andi-clientAndi S. happy client & racing cycle biker is almost daily achievement oriented on his way on bike.

„to improve my achievement to strengten my trunk musculatur,for all that i started with ems training in 2012!“, so Andi S.

with an additional lactate performance diagnostic and a nutritional changeover, not only his performance is getting better and better, furthermore we built a basis for a healthy performance based training. andi s. is perfectly exercised with 2 EMS training sessions a week. his whole trunk and core-musculatur, which is very important for him, is rebuilt and strengthen now. his muscular system is strengthened lasting and is so in training that he could obtain his strength reserves much better. the varied training with his personal trainers at prime sports is time saving and perfect to integrate in daily life.

„in general i was almost unconfident what kind of training practices are the right ones for me. with the personal trainer team and the EMS training i finally feel right placed and perfectly trained. So my personal success gives me a great feeling now!“, so andi s.

as andi s. came to prime sports he still got no focus on strength training, however he recognized fast that it´s on time to change that. with the time saving and effective kind of EMS training, andi s. had realized his intend, to use strengthen training so in a simple and perfect way.

prime sports says thank you andi s. for the nice interview and your private picture!