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There were four succeeded days, sporty & exciting at the beautiful Westerwald/ Germany. Coach Malte prepared a great Work Out & Fitness schedule, In- & Outdoor, for all the participants. It was a great kick out of it for all, but have a look by yourself here´s the photo gallery with all facts around!


FITNESS TRIP by Prime Sports even 2016 sporty & splashy!

There were really four great days at the rustic westerwald in germany. Accommodates were the participants and the hosts malte & sandra kottmann, even as hunting dog  mixed lady taxi at the enchanting 4 stars superior wellness hotel heinz. At the day of arrival directly a hike to the Köppel was outspoken through the nice Westerwald, for sure with functional training elements and a view of halfway which impressed & to regain one´s natural strength. For the second day an early morning exercise comes first, a little run outdoor with work out breaks, push – ups, skips and jumps and all well being activities whom makes more being up for a healthy breakfast. Afterwards a 3 hour indoor session was following with power plate® and a rope skipping contest, were all the participants brave kept up and passed intersected 250 skips in 2 minutes – props to all! The atmosphere were fantastic and  a maximum motivation. So the Flexibar® Work Out was madly exhausting but all participants sticked it out. Coach Malte got also for the third day a thrilled schedule. A ca. 30 km long Mountain Bike tour followed through the beautiful and rustic westerwald, on guided hiking ways and trails who gave the group a monumental feeling of „YEAH, we´ve done it!“ After the tour there was a black roll® massage session with coach malte at the fitness area and a copious stretching. At day 4 there was finally a 3 hours outdoor bootcamp on the schedule. The nature did one more thing to perfection that event with coach malte. A clear breath and a mild weather even a functional training full of action brought the participants to transpire still it was a great energy kick out of it for all and to regain one´s strength. So there were 4 magic days with great sport & fitness sessions with a delicious and healthy breakfast, daily fitness snacks and a dinner wellness cuisine at the rustic westerwald amongst the pure nature at the premium wellness hotel heinz.