MetaCheck ® fitness, the absolutely genetic sensation!

Here we explain to you how the MetaCheck ® fitness – the DNA Analyses works, it´s benefits and how it could change your life in a lasting way!

At MetaCheck ® fitness we take an assay of saliva from your oral cavity in assistance of a cotton carrier. This saliva assay just needs a few minutes. Afterwards the saliva assay, wrapped in an envelope, is sent to a partner laboratory of prime sports, specialized of DNA analyses.

All this happened, without your name on the probe, just an ID number is there affixed, which almost your prime sports trainer knows. Privacy spelled in big letters, privacy is top priority for us! At this point you should know that just a few, less genes be tested explicitly, whom solitary responsible for the metabolism. Also some special muscle fiber (BR: fibre) genes tested too. All other genes are entirely untouched!

MetaCheck ® fitness is devided in 4 different metabolism types, called meta- types. This deal with  information about the metabolism activity of each person. Observed are the main components of nutrition, carbohydrates, protein, fat. Based on the DNA metabolism analyses we get a detailed list of well metabolized food and of food you should better avoid.

It could happen, that tomatoes restrict the metabolism, or almonds together with milk for example in case of some people. All these and much more is written in your MetaCheck ® evaluation, we receive after 2 weeks. In complete there are 40 sheets, who really impress you and who help us to create a perfect food list and a training schedule for you.

Since muscle fiber (BR: fibre) also proved of their activity in the MetaCheck ® fitness. Endurance or Speed Strength Typ! You an we will get much more informations to optimize your training.

Furthermore you´ll get access to our partner online portal CoGap®, there you´ll find an ultimate recipe selection, personalized of you and your meta type. In that way a healthy nutrition is real fun!

To reach your desired weight healthy and lasting, that´s the goal! And this will happen in one´s stride!

Here you´ll find Publications and TV Editorial (this followed clip is hosted by sixx) about MetaCheck ® fitness! Tested by Galileo, PRO 7, ZDF, WDR.®