Düsseldorf Challenge

Here you find all the informations to run for the sporty & healthy 6 week business fitness challenge!

Be a sport!

For more motivation, fun, effect and more improvement of your health and fitness for all the attended employees.

Interesting for all executives:

You boost the team building, the competitive ability of your company, as well the productivity and quality! Grant- aided by the government the costs are minimal for your company. For each employee for each year you got 500€ as wages tax free! (german EStG §3 Nr. 34/ SGBV §20 §20a) the attendance fee for the sporty & healthy 6 week business fitness challenge are just 99.-€ for each employee once! Set a fantastic motivation highlight to your employees and make sure a lasting health experience!

That´s the run:

After a detailed anamnesis, health check by a precisely BIA (bio-impedanz method / body analyses) your fitness level and health status is determined.

The employees train 2 times a week, each training last 45 minutes, in a functional , individual fitness circle in a small group of max. 12 participants with the qualified Prime Sports® personal trainer team.

The physical fitness & health ascends! The evidence thereover take the final BIA, which you received together with the starter BIA (detailed body analyses)!

Your employees are thankful and increasingly more efficient!

The effort for you and your company is minimal, we already have ALL necessary well prepared for you!

You get „be a sport“ cards from us for your attending employees with all informations on it. Furthermore you get a participant list where all employees could fill in and you could comfortable place it at your company. As like the posters for the sporty & healthy 6 week business fitness challenge!

Please note the campaign time frame:

Start directly possible, till lately of June 2017 is the campaign attendance possible. By all attending companies a winner company is determined (following criterions are considered: employee quote per company/ prozentual to whole employee company count, the whole health level of each company in general, as like the improvement of the body analyses results after the 6 weeks of training)!

So also little companies with al last 5 – 10 employees got the same faire conditions as big companies with more than hundred employees!

You´re welcome to use this campaign for your marketing and PR as well! You receive the Logo gladly from our PR division in your favored data shape.

The Winner takes a FITNESS EVENT DAY with VIP Coach, Fitness Economist & Foodcoach Malte Kottmann – the sporty high class event for your team! Furthermore you get a detailed public relation article about the winner company!

For more informations, campaign queries and applications please contact us at:

Start NOW,

we glad to welcome your attending!

your qualified & high motivated Prime Sports® personal trainer team!

more information in general business fitness at prime sports you´ll find HERE!