March 4, 2017


At Saturday, the 1st of April start the Outdoor Fitness Krefeld sessions by Prime Sports!

The concept geared up exciting sessions for you. Calisthenics class, back fit & functional Training. Of Course also Sportfans from Düsseldorf, meerbusch and around extend a warm welcome at the Outdoor Fitness at Krefeld. In the following text is a detailed description whats within the calisthenics class and the back fit & functional training sessions. The classes located at the Krefeld Stadtwald under the command of the Prime Sports Personal Trainer Team. Your counterpart is Trainer Dennis.

The Back fit & functional Training classes are suitable for every age and every fitness level, personalized, individually and affirmative action for each person make this happen.

the class schedule:

Calisthenics every Saturday 4 o´clock at afternoon & every Wednesday 6 o´clock afternoon

Back fit & functional Training every Saturday 5 o´clock afternoon & every Wednesday 7 o´clock late afternoon

An Access in the classes is also during a running month every time possible! The Course length of each class take 45 Minutes and starts already at sensational 39,90€ per month! Reach Goals finally, start NOW!

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resembles gymnastics, and also contain a lot of elements from strength sports. The property is here, that equipment and weights are renounced completely. Thereby Calisthenics could be done everywhere and is also suitable for beginners, those miss equipment, and have a preference for strength sports and body cult yet.

The Goal could be to learn skills like a handstand or a handstand just of one hand, or just as a result your healthy  and well trained body. Different from gymnastics there is no election you have to perform, you are free to choose your exercises, you could evolve your own style and be very creative.

Through the different exercises you stipulate your strengthen and movement. Against all expectations, Calisthenics is very eclectic and offers for Beginners and Sport Professionals real challenges, so it´s never getting boring. Thus a lot of different skills are join together, your body adjust always for something new, so permanent new charms arise. With special training you work upon individual skills and a quick success is visible and bring max. motivation.

Especially with every drill is more as one muscle group involved, the training is high effective and raises you own physical feeling and your body tension. To reach directed furthermore muscle groups, you could use & integrate perfectly pull up rods, so more expertise, strength and endurance is needed.

Back Fit & functional Training,

at this training your back is in the foreground! Physical motion sequences with little equipment, coordination exercises, strengthening your ligaments and tendons, and functional units complete the training.

It´s perfect suitable for every age and every fitness level. The exercises are completely individual fit to you and effective for your goals.

You got back pain since a longer time, got a disc prolapse, Knee- or Hips- Problems, a typical „tennis arm“ or you just have a job where you sit down most of the day inside a building?

The Back fit & functional Training class offers you healthy and especially strengthen movement for your whole body in nature. At last you will feel well, comfortable and feel healthy, you lose pain through directed exercises and wrong movement pattern.

Make your registration and figure it out, the Prime Sports Trainer Team is glad to welcome you!

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