October 26, 2016









Team Prime Sports Willich

upcoming Bachelor of Arts fitness economy


TEN questions concerning sports and fitness – interview with Daniela Dymke apprentice at Prime Sports in Willich Wekeln.

Is there a special event from your childhood related to sports?

It may sounds a bit curios, but for me it´s a special event that i never broke any bone or hurt me seriously, during all the activities in my childhood.

What was the reason to do some sports?

I always do sports. At the age of three i start dancing, later also at country league tournaments, since my oversea year at USA i discovered my love for strength training.

What’s your favorite sports and why?

I love everything what´s in combined with sport. If it´s climbing, to play volleyball, to canoe, swimming or just hiking – you can delight me for everything. 

Where do you get your motivation from?

Without sports my day is just half as funny as with, so i don´t need a special motivation.

What kind of fitness exercises do you like most?

For the moment i love the functional strength training, that´s the way i can defy me permanently new and i can reach my borders in a lot of different ways.

How does your current training schedule look like?

By the time i got a split in two training, that means at one day i train my lower body like legs and backside, and at the other day my upper body. Sometimes i use the training equipment, but normally you can find me at the barbell and dumb bell area, i call it my playground. 🙂

How do you feed on?

I try to feed up mostly healthy, but i got a sucker for chocolate and i like baking a lot, this i could balance perfectly with sport.

Three effective tips from you to our readers:

  • You are never to old to do sport!
  • Never stop setting new goals to yourself! 
  • a balanced nutrition is the A and O to reach your goals!

What are your professional and sporting goals in the future?

My goal for now is it to end my study time successful and to help people with my job to reach their goals and wishes. However that would not be my only goal, because i ever set new ones to evolve in forward direction and further training. 

What’s your personal motto?

You gotta be odd to be number one.